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Clojure is a dialect of the Lisp programming language that runs on the Java virtual machine, Common Language Runtime, and JavaScript engines; the Foundation hosts some Clojure projects that can be browsed as examples.

Clojure code can be built and distributed using different build tools, but Leiningen is the only most commonly used at FINOS. The deployable unit for Leiningen projects is a JAR file and matching POM, which means that Clojure projects can be deployed to any Maven repository.

Wherever appropriate, the Foundation recommends following the deployment rules for Java (artifact naming and versioning, in particular).


Badges can be added at the top of the project's root-level file, using the following Markdown syntax:

[![Clojars Project](<group id>/<artifact id>.svg)](<group id>/<artifact id>)
[![Maven Central](<group id>/<artifact id>.svg?maxAge=2592000)](<group id>%7C<artifact id>%7C2%7Cpom)