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Ready to consume?

The first step in engaging with any open source initiative is typically to comsume the work produced so far, and the teams behind that work. If you've already identified an open source component or open standard in our Landscape that you would like to use or build on, please do so!

Discover interesting projects

We created the FINOS Landscape to showcase all of our Special Interest Groups, Software and Standards Projects in an easily discoverable way, but we also encourage you to browse both our GitHub organization and our GitLab organization to find projects that are of interest to you. You're welcome and encouraged to reach out through our mailing lists or Slack Channel or to email if you can find what you are looking for.

Where are FINOS releases?

How a particular project asset is consumed will vary from project to project. Software projects publish releases open source repositories (Maven Central, NPM, NuGet, DockerHub), Pypi) while binary utilities may be also made available as GitHub/Gitlab downloads on the project's repository. The best way to determine how to consume a project's releases is to refer to that project's documentation. All of the above applies to open standards projects, such as FDC3, as well.

Evaluating maturity of our projects

We encourage you to thoughtfully assess not only the value and fit for purpose, but also the maturity of both the technology and the team that produced a particular code asset. Evaluating the project's momentum and longevity will help you assess the level of technical risk that you may be taking on when leveraging it. FINOS provides tools to help the community in these assessments, particularly:

  • The Project Lifecycle which provides a single overall measure of the maturity of our projects
  • The Metrics Dashboard which provides transparent analytics on the activity of each of our Projects and SIGs

Once you've identified suitable components we encourage you to consume them in your own software development efforts!

FINOS ensures Security and IP Compliance of our projects

As an open source community in a regulated industry, we are well aware of the strong enterprise requirements of our project consumers. That is why we require strict IP compliance requirements, enforced via EasyCLA and increasingly mandatory security scanning, backed by a responsible disclosure policy.

Ready to contribute back?

As you consume FINOS projects, you may be willing to take an active role in the development by Engaging with or Contributing to that project. As an open community, we encourage you to participate in the Projects or Special Interest Groups (SIGs) whose work you consume!

Does your firm need help contribute?

If you need help consuming Open Source Code, the FINOS Open Source Readiness (OSR) Initiative exists to support financial services organizations in their open source maturity journey. Get in touch and start realizing the benefits of open source code and collaboration today. The Knowledge Base also provides a wealth of information to get your started.