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Ready to engage with our Community?

Now you've learned how FINOS works, maybe are using one or two of our projects and want to take the next step in the journey? You are in the right place, learn more how to interact and part-take in any of the activities in our landscape.

Code of Conduct Violations

Before we start, please know that all in-person and oline interactions must happen within our Community Code of Conduct page. Instructions on reporting Code of Conduct violations are also included in that page.

Engage & Amplify our message

As an individual you can play a huge part in amplifying our open-source message by following us, engaging / resharing and sendig us questions / feedback on on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Meet the Community!

Why not joining a Project or a SIG online Meeting? Browse the FINOS Community Calendar and know all of our project or SIG meetings are open to anyone and free to attend.

Ready to meet the Community at large, online or in person? Take a look at our recurring meetups schedule and our Events , including our flagship event the Open Source in Finance Forum, the global event solely dedicated to open source in financial services.

Mailing Lists

FINOS Mailing list concentrate a significant amount of FINOS activity; see below a list of the most active FINOS community wide and project specific mailing lists. Lists are mostly hosted on Google Groups (Google Login required).

In order to subscribe to any of the FINOS-wide or project-specific mailing lists, you can either send an email to <list-name> or visit the web archive link on Google Group. Please note that the latter option may be blocked by some financial services organizations. For example, to subscribe to, email

Please note that membership in some lists is restricted, and requests to subscribe to those lists may only be accepted if membership requirements are met. In order to manage spam, all Foundation mailing lists that allow posting by the general public are moderated, which can result in slight delays in delivery.

If you sent an email to one of these lists and your message was not acknowledged, or you do not see your message in the web archive, please email

Foundation-wide Lists

  • - General entry point to the Community, ask questions, propose an idea or ask feedback to the Community at large. Includes all the Program general lists and FINOS staff. (web archive)
  • - Announcements and new program proposals. (web archive)
  • - Foundation Membership discussions and announcements (available to all employees of Foundation member organisations). (web archive)

Project & SIG specific Lists

Most projects maintain mailing lists that anyone can post to. The mailing list reaches all participants in that project. A good venue for scope, functional, and technical questions about the project as well as expressing an interest in participating.

Here's some of the key Projects & SIGs lists:

To discover additional lists check out the specific project Readme.MD on Github or Gitlab.

Online Chat


FINOS hosts a Slack instance on; if you are FINOS Member firm, you should be able to self-subscribe to access our FINOS Community Channel or you can request access to


Many members of the FINOS community use the Symphony platform for regulated, secure online chat, and we encourage all community members who have a Symphony account to enable their account for "external communications" and ideally to "multi-party chats". This way you will be discoverable to other members of the community, and can initiate and participate in secure and compliant online chats. If you are a FINOS Member please email if your compliance department has any questions on the nature of our chats.

Foundation Team

FINOS Member Success and Support

If you are a FINOS Member and have questions about your status or membership benefits, email

General Help

For general question, or if you are unsure who to ask, please email and we will help you navigate the community.

Infrastructure Support

If you need infrastructure support for your Program, Project, or Working Group, please raise a HELP issue in the Foundation's issue tracker, or email

Individual Staff Members

Please refer to the FINOS team and contact pages on the website.