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How can you become a FINOS Community leader?

As you start consuming and contributing to FINOS projects, there are multiple ways for you to become a leader in our community:

Leaderhip through maintainership

Open Source is the culture of the doers and everyone has an opportunity to become a FINOS contributor and then maintainer, through a meritocratic process of governance by contribution. As you increasingly contribute to FINOS, we encourage to consider taking on more influence / responsibility by becoming a FINOS maintainer.

If are already a FINOS contributor or maintainer, we deeply thank you for your support. It through leaders like you who drive FINOS' success.

What's FINOS Project Maintainer?

Each FINOS software project has a community of participants, also referred to as "contributors", and maintainers.

Each FINOS standard projects has a community of participants, editors and maintainers.

A maintainer is a contributor who, by virtue of their contribution history, has been given write access to project repositories and may approve and merge contributions to the project.

How do I become a maintainer?

There two ways an individual can become a FINOS Maintainer:

  1. By being the proposed initial maintainer of new project contribution accepted into FINOS
  2. By being nominated by an existing project's maintainers, based on extensive contributions to the project.

FINOS strong encoursage projects have multiple maintainers from multiple organizations: in fact having multiple maintainers is a pre-requisite for graduation into the Active project lifecycle stage.

In the case of large maintainer teams, maintainers should consider electing one or two lead maintainers. The lead maintainer(s) are the project's interface with the FINOS Team and Governing Board and are responsible for communicating on behalf of the project. The lead maintainer(s) are also accountable for steering project direction and prioritisation with the rest of the project community, and to build consensus.

How does FINOS support maintainers?

To support you in your leadership capacity, we've prepared a FINOS Maintainers Cheatsheet that is intended to be a one-stop reference for all of the responsibilities, governance activities, and support tools used by the Foundation. Our Community Growth best practices are also a great resources to build a lively community.

And of course don't hesitate to get in touch with Foundation staff if you need help in maintaining your project.

Leadership through Membership

The FINOS community and operations are funded by FINOS corporate members. We are thankful and proud to have a diverse community of financial services and technology organizations shaping the future of open innovation in financial services. Learn about FINOS Membership Benefits and get in touch with us.

If you are a FINOS member, welcome and thank you!