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Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups provide a venue to discuss and compare notes on a common topic of interest. SIGs governance is documented here.

Here's a list of special interest groups (SIGs) currently active in FINOS:

NameCharterChairApproved on
Open Source ReadinessBe a trusted venue for our Members and Community in their open source journey and enable them to achieve the highest state of open source maturity.Cara Delia (Red Hat)
Brittany Istenes (Fannie Mae)
Thomas Cooper (RBC)
Peter Smulovics (Morgan Stanley)
April 21st 2021
Financial ObjectsProvide a neutral forum for individuals across the financial services industry to collectively identify the need for new, open, financial objects standards as well as modifications to existing ones. Work to promote adoption of financial object definitions and models that support common industry workflows and use cases.Ffion Acland (Goldman Sachs)
Ian Sloyan (ISDA)
April 21st 2021
InnersourceCreate a safe space to identify and share challenges and solutions that accelerate Financial Services organizations’ efforts to implement InnerSourceChairsJanuary 20st 2021
Regulation InnovationThe Regulation Innovation SIG will be a community of people interested in creating open source solutions for regulatory and compliance issues. Creating open source solutions to regulatory compliance is particularly important because the market is currently using custom-built, one-off solutions, that are expensive, inefficient, and costly to manage and update over time.Ian Hollowbread (ING)
David Ehrich (AIR)
October 21st 2020
DevOps AutomationIdentify and share homegrown solutions that enable regulated enterprises to manage the engineering toolchain, from ‘admin proxies’ to ‘glue to connect multiple tools together’, whilst finding opportunities to collaborate with the FINOS Community and possibly set standards on how these challenges should be addressed.Amol Shukla (Morgan Stanley)
Robb Keayes (Nomura)
October 21st 2020
Diversity, Equity and InclusionTo demonstrably improve diversity of FINOS through increased participation of underrepresented people on the Board, among FINOS team members, and the FINOS communityMelinda Aulie (Cosaic)In January 2022, the Board ratified this group operating as a SIG, after one year running as a Board committeee
ZenithTo explore and promote the adoption of new and innovative technologies in the financial services industry.Peter Smulovics (Morgan Stanley)
Keith O'Donell (Feynic)
Patrick Downing (Morgan Stanley)
April 26th 2023

Want to propose a new SIG?

If you are FINOS member and you'd like to propose a new SIG for Board approval, just raise an issue and the FINOS team will work with you to bring the proposal to the Board if relevant.